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About us

 Our Story:

In the beginning, in 2018, we knew that we wanted to create and offer a great experience in our beauty salon, ATRÙ Studio, but we also had a lot of ideas on how to develop that closeness, by taking a different and innovative path.

Nowadays we are all connected more than ever, so it only made sense to look at technology in order to reach our customers in more natural ways.

Our stylists and technicians team, which are amazing people, came together to develop on these ideas, because as a team we have more than 30 years of beauty experience, and we all wanted to only offer what the customer actually likes about beauty. This means trusting us to deliver on that promise.

This is how the idea for a store came to life. But not just any online store!

We are not looking to just add thousands of products on our page.

We value the trust of our customer's input and feedback, so the recipe needed to be simple and elegant: Best quality beauty services at the salon and the best products that we know, use and recommend. So we started to envision how we could translate this into a website that stands-out from the crowd.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, we were facing a very difficult challenge offering hair, nails and skin beauty services, as our studio had to close down, and we were not yet ready with our online store project. So, instead of fearing the unknown, we got busy as a team!

Even though this was a scary time, and we were worried and did not know what was going to happen, to our jobs, our health and our families, we still could not let our valued customers face their beauty needs all alone, while we all sat at home in isolation.

First we moved fast and started offering free phone and face-time sessions to teach customers how to take care of their basic beauty needs at home. This was not only a lot of fun, but also extremely helpful and rewarding for everyone

It was amazing to see that the connection had not been severed between us and our clients and friends, just because we needed to be apart, and that we could maintain our relationships through the hard times. This gave us hope and strength to go on building the store and new relationships!

It was such a nice surprise when we discovered that our first product on the online store: a simple salon services voucher that could be used immediately after we could reopen, was received warmly by our customers, who understood the situation and kindly bought a few of them, and thus helping us tremendously to be able to keep our team complete. The Vouchers also meant that they would get a good deal, so it kind of was a Win-Win!

We introduced the first beauty products into the store the following week.

After all, we already had a pretty good idea what products to recommend, and have great relationships with our selected suppliers.

We gave the task of selecting products to feature on the store a lot of consideration, and started to ship beauty products to our customers homes after a few days.

Even though we had no idea at the time, the hardships of the 2020 lock-down have actually brought us even closer together as a team, with our friends and valued customers, and shaped this store's identity and mission.

As we continue to grow and expand to serving the needs of a wider audience, we will always remember where we came from and stay true to our simple mission: Only feature and recommend products that we believe in and use ourselves!

On behalf of our whole team: "Thank you for your shopping and being part of this amazing journey. You are truly beautiful!"

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 B-dul. Pipera 34B, Pipera, Voluntari, Romania
 Tel: +40 785 543 210
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